Reasons Why Discount Codes Are Used On Shopify

Reasons Why Discount Codes Are Used On Shopify

The dream of any online business person is to have a lot of traffic to their website and increase sales. To do this, the e-commerce entrepreneurs use various strategies and tactics. One of the best and influential of such approach is creation and usage of discount codes. These codes are meant to entice customers to buy the items offered by various online stores and drive sales.  Though the increase in sales is one of the reasons for using these codes, there are other reasons. This article discusses various reasons why e-commerce entrepreneurs use discount codes.

A)    Rewarding Of Loyal Clients

Any business has customers who always buy from it. These regular shoppers have a special attachment to the online store and need special considerations to retain their royalty. One of the powerful tools of rewarding these customers is to provide them with discount codes so that they feel recognized and valued. Any shrewd online entrepreneur should always reward royal customers whenever an opportunity comes.

B) Inspire Action

Sometimes it is difficult to secure the first sale when you have started a business. To entice clients, it is advisable to use discounts so that you have them see the reason for buying from you. When they buy these items at discounted prices and find that they are superb, they will spread the good word to their friends about your store. This strategy will ensure that you have a breakthrough in your e-commerce start-up and that you will always have customers to buy from you.

C) Making Sales from Abandoned Carts

To ensure that customers who put the products on the virtual cart and leaves them there are enticed to buy, an online store will use discount codes on such customers. The customer is likely to buy the item because it has been discounted. This way, the online store increases sales by targeting undecided clients.


You can use discount codes for whatever reason you choose to. They are an excellent way for you to welcome people to buy from you. It can also help you clear stock that has been around for too long. Your Shopify store requires a robust marketing strategy and you not limited. You can have a discount at a certain percentage, like free shipping discount or dollar value offer. The validity of the code is essential, minimum order amount that allows usage of the code and indicates if it’s meant for specific products.

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